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Fractional CO2 Laser

Hailed as the number 1 anti-aging and scar removal breakthrough in recent years, the Fractional CO2 laser represents the very best in laser skin resurfacing. Fractional CO2 laser is the new gold standard and the most advanced treatment available for pigmentation, wrinkles, acne scars and sagging skin and is available exclusively at Dr.Sohana’s Skin & Laser Clinic in Nadiad.

How does it work?
The fractional CO2 laser takes the CO2 laser beam and fractionates, or pixellates that beam into thousands of tiny little shafts of light. These tiny shafts of light penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The skin then repairs those tiny shafts by pushing out the old sun damaged skin and replacing it with new skin. The “collateral” heat damage also helps to shrink existing collagen.

The fractional CO2 laser device can be tuned to target the superficial layers of the skin with lower energy settings resulting in the improvement of pigmentation, fine lines, mild scarring and skin texture. Laser energy levels can be adjusted to target deep collagen re-modelling to impact deeper wrinkles and acne scars and to achieve skin tightening.

How long is the downtime?
The procedure is highly tolerable with most patients describing the sensation during and after treatment as “hot”. The heat and soreness last for between 1 to 3 hours after the procedure during which the skin appears bright pink. The patient may appear “sunburnt” for about 2 days after which tiny brown crusts are seen on the treated areas. These crusts eventually detach and the skin is crust-free after about 5-7 days. Post-operative care is simple. The use of an moisturizers is encouraged and avoidance of sun-exposure during the healing phase is essential.

What kind of results can I expect?
The immediate results often seen after the skin heals include brighter and more radiant skin from a more even skin tone and improved skin texture. One can expect continued collagen re-modelling over the next few months producing improvement in deep wrinkles and scars. Skin tightening is another delightful “late” result of the treatment. Side effects or risks are minimal with this type of treatment and typically involve swelling and redness.

  • Blast Away Acne Scars & smooth out wrinkles.
  • If you are suffering from deep acne scars or significant wrinkles, this laser treatment is for you.

The Fractional CO2 is a strong laser which generates heat and ablates /removes a fraction of the skin surface being treated each time ( therefore the term “fractional” ). It requires a downtime of between five to seven days. That being said, the discomfort and inconvenience can be overlooked as this laser treatment will deliver tighter , smoother skin , help build up the skin’s collagen and your entire skin will look and feel much better over a period of months . It also promises smaller pores and erasure of some of the finer wrinkles.

Number of treatments required:
Minimum of three, at intervals of at least a month

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